Broker In Charge

Trask Cunningham

I grew up along the Carolina Coast, and was fortunate enough to be introduced to boating, and fishing at an early age. I started fishing & boating as soon as I could fit into a life jacket. This created a lifelong obsession with anything boating related.

I remember drawing center consoles throughout grade school, constantly dreaming about being on boats, and always wanted to pursue a career in the boating or fishing industry. After spending 6 years in the Real Estate industry I decided to pursue my passion of helping clients accomplish their boating goals.

This has been an awesome transition, and I'm looking forward to helping all of my clients have a smooth, and successful experience in selling their boats. I focus primarily on Center Consoles, Bay Boats, Flats Boats, and Jon Boats anywhere along the East or Gulf Coast. Feel free to reach out at anytime if you are in the market to purchase, sell or just talk boating/fishing!

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Nick Palombi

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Brice Sanders

Yacht & Boat Broker

Lisitng Process

Signed Listing Agreement

High Quality Photography

Begin Aggressive Marekting to The Desired Audience

Marketing Strategy

We develop a strategic marketing strategy based upon the boat type, location, and desired audience. This allows us to target market each individual boat to the desired group of potential buyers.

Online Marketing

We are committed to creating an aggressive online marketing presence for each client. This is accomplished through advertising professionally on industry leading websites, tailored email/social media campaigns, specific geographic location marketing, quality photography, networking, and other various methods.

Listing Process

Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience for all of our clients. This is accomplished by having a professional approach to create a successful selling experience. We as brokers study boat values through market research, provide showing feedback, prepare essential listing documents, qualify each potential buyer, align surveys/sea trails, refer recommendations, and negotiate each transaction on behalf of our clients.

Closing Process

Our goal is to provide an exceptional closing experience for all of our clients. We are present during the sea trail, marine survey, and delivery of vessel to facilitate a seamless buying experience. We as brokers prepare closing documents such as purchase agreements, official bill of sale, and all of the essential paperwork required. We work closely with each lender throughout the entire process to ensure a smooth transaction on behalf of both parties involved.